Positive Change for All Harrogate’s Residents!

Welcome to the HAPPI website!

This website came about for two reasons.

Firstly, we felt that Harrogate needed to become a bit more open to the dietary requirements of its growing population of people who are vegetarian and vegan; do not consume meat, dairy and eggs and those who live gluten free.

Secondly, we the creators needed quick access to a handy list of places where we could eat (and not just a salad and a fruit salad)!

When we carried out a search on the Internet for restaurants in Harrogate serving vegan food, the choice was scanty, to say the least! There are many restaurants with vegetarian options but we thought we would do the research into vegan choices ourselves, hopefully in the process encouraging a few new places to put new options on the menu (it is free publicity for them, after all!).

The result is that some places we didn’t know could do vegan food have come out the woodwork, and some who didn’t offer vegan food now do!

We have created a special pack for any restaurants wanting to experiment with vegan/gluten free food and are grateful to the Vegan Society for their sponsorship of this project. If you are just visiting Harrogate, we hope this will be really useful for you. If you live in Harrogate and are vegetarian or vegan or ‘vegan curious’, get in touch!