Recently I was approached by Sharon May, a contact local to Harrogate who is a supplier for the Arbonne product range. With Arbonne products being vegan and PETA approved, she thought that Happi members might be interested in hearing about them. She sent me a sample of products from the skin care range, their Fizz Sticks and Digestion Plus powder and a sample of their detox tea.

Arbonne is a 36 year old Swiss Heritage Company and products are toxin free, vegan, PETA approved, botanically-based, pH correct, hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested and formulated without petroleum based ingredients, parabens, animal products or by-products.

Their ethos ‘Pure, Safe, Beneficial, Health and Wellness’ bases itself around the idea that that the skin is our largest organ, thus what we put on it absorbs into our bloodstream and organs within 26 seconds, and absorbs 10 times as fast as what we eat; therefore reducing the toxic load we put on our liver and kidneys is a great way to prevent disease, lose weight and increase energy.

There are over 700 products in their range spanning from the RE9 flagship brand of anti-ageing skincare for both men and women to the baby range which includes sun screen and aromatherapy, hair care, cosmetics and nutrition.
Overall I found all the Arbonne products I tested to smell lovely, feel lovely and certainly do their job, although it is always hard to say for sure when you try a small amount of product for only a short space of time! Certainly from what I hear from other product users, their products do what they say and come highly recommended.
My favourite of all were the Fizz Sticks. With a three month old baby it’s nice to have a healthy kick in the morning without having to resort to caffeine. They come in handy to use sachets that you mix into water. They taste really good too, especially the pomegranate! They are also gluten free. To check out Fizz Sticks on their website, click here:,8010.aspx
Also in powder format is the Digestion Aid powder. Although not quite as nice tasting, it did make my tummy feel settled afterwards. The Antioxidant and Immune Booster liquid supplement is particularly good if you are going through a period of tiredness or stress.  I also tried the Herbal Detox tea. I didn’t have enough of it to feel that I had carried out a true detox, but it certainly tasted lovely and was very mild on the tummy.
One product that I think is hard to find a really good version of that is vegan and cruelty free is a daily moisturiser with sunscreen. I myself am ordering some of the RE9 Advanced restorative day creme factor 20. It smells and feels delicious and absorbs very easily into the skin. In this range I also sampled the cleanser, intensive renewal serum, and regenerating toner. All glide beautifully onto the skin and I must admit that after a few days of using them my skin looked bright and felt soft. I also trialled the FC5 ultra hydrating hand creme and it did leave my hands feeling pretty silky.
There are two downsides I find to Arbonne products, one is that they are really on the pricier side, so for budgets like my own I wouldn’t be able to kit out my bathroom closet entirely! A small amount of each product goes a very long way though, so I am going to invest in one or two items and really luxuriate in using them! My other slight negative feedback is that these products are only available through a second party and the process of ordering them is not just as easy as buying something online or walking into a shop. But of course there are plus sides to this, and benefits if you become a member. There are three ways to buy products:
1. You can join as a Preferred Client which has an initial set up fee of £17 for the first year, however you will receive a 20% discount on the products.
2. You could also set up as an Independent Consultant which you pay £56 membership for the first year but you receive a 35% discount.  This is a good way if you want to recommend the products to others.
3. You can pay full price and buy from Sharon’s shop page.
Sharon suggests either option 1 or 2 depending if you intend to order other items in the future.  Say if you purchase something for £42, with the 20% discount you would save £8.40 which nearly covers half of your membership fee. I would wholly recommend Arbonne products if you are keen on investing in a quality skin care regime that is top of the range but still cruelty free or wish to stock up on top quality supplementary nutrition, such as the chocolate protein shake mix, which is of course vegan.

If you would like to order Arbonne products via Sharon, here are her details:

Facebook: Sharon May, Arbonne Independent Consultant



Review of Arbonne Products: Vegan, Cruelty Free and Only Good Stuff!

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    Why Arbonne, doesn’t have the bunny logo, international cruelty free products?

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