Everybody loves to get a surprise through the post! Even though it’s getting easier and easier to get our hands on vegan goodies in mainstream shops and supermarkets, there’s nothing like receiving a box – a surprise! – of awesome treats, and ones that support small enterprises at that. For me personally, the first thing that I love about Vegan Tuck Box is the surprise element and the gorgeous goodies contained inside. The second thing is the fact that every month they make a donation to an animal/vegan charity. Last month’s was Goats of Anarchy – helping baby goats with special needs. Somehow my posted chocolate bar just got even tastier! I love to know that what I spend my money on does some good somewhere! And of course by getting the box delivered you make a saving compared to if you were to buy each individual item separately. If you’re convinced already, scroll to the bottom where you’ll find a 20% 0ff code for your first subscription box.

Contained within each box, as well as the goodies, is an explanation of each product and a yummy recipe. You can choose from a really healthy goody box, to purely chocolate, to the Ultimate, which is what I got, and has a bit of everything. There is even a gluten-free box! The Ultimate has around 11 delicious items in it and costs 16.50 / month. The cheapest box at 5.oo is a single purchase box and the cheapest subscription box is 9.50 / month.

Even the box itself looks good!

Of course this has to be an honest review and I have to say there was one product that I didn’t particularly like and that’s the Kuhbonbon Vegan Caramels but that’s mainly because I personally don’t like sweet, sticky toffees, so next time I would probably try the Vegan Health Kick Box or the Chocoholic box. All the other items which included a packet of almond butter and vegan cheese sauce mix, three different kinds of bars, a caramel vegan wagon wheel, savoury crisps and fruit bites to name but some of the products, got 100% thumbs up. I didn’t see any palm oil listed in the ingredients and they all seem to be sourced with fair trade and earth friendly ingredients where possible.

Not my favourite item as I don’t have a really sweet tooth, but I have never seen a vegan version of these candy bars anywhere else.

Vegan Tuck Box was the UK’s first 100% vegan box scheme, created by Kelly and Chrissie (if you have been to vegan fairs before you may well recognise them as they often have stands there). You can make one-off purchases, subscribe, or send gift boxes, and if you do subscribe you can cancel at any time. (They also have an online tuck shop by the way if you want to do some extra shopping). The box is ideal for those just starting out in veganism who want to keep on eating easy, tasty treats, but also a nice treat for us old-timers, because hey, we’re worth it!

One of the best cheese sauces I have ever tried, and all you need to do is add a plant milk!

Here is the website : www.vegantuckbox.co.uk and if you enter code ‘blog20’ at checkout, you will receive 20% off your first subscription! Highly recommended.

My favourite – this bar is to die for!



Review of Vegan Tuck Box

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