Restaurants, cafés and shops catering for vegans and gluten free diets

The eateries listed already cater for vegans or can prepare vegan food with notice. All the restaurants listed have vegetarian dishes on the menu. Please note. Allergy-sufferers should double check with the restaurant that utensils are sterilised and dishes are 100% gluten free. Also, at weekends it is always best to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

vegan – This eatery provides at least one vegan starter and main course on the menu or that can can be ordered and prepared from scratch.

gluten free – This eatery provides at least one gluten free starter and main course on the menu or that can can be ordered and prepared from scratch.

paw – This eatery is dog friendly.

ABC of Health – 34 Beulah St, Harrogate, North Yorkshire County HG1 1QH, 01423 568852. Health food shop selling small selection of vegan and gluten free products.

Balterzen’s – 22 Oxford Street, Harrogate, 01423 202363. Nordic style dog-friendly cafe that can adapt items on the menu to be vegan. They tend to have at least one vegan cake option every day. In the evenings it turns into ‘Norse’ a restaurant – see under ‘N’. vegangluten freepaw

B.E.D – 14 King’s Road, HG1 5JW, 01423 568600. Always have vegan items on the menu, but you will need to give a bit of notice for them to do a vegan dessert. They do a mean vegan chocolate cake. Traditional food.   vegangluten free

Brio Ristorante (Gianni’s) – 40 Kings Road, HG1 5JW, 01423 553953, Because they cook fresh, most dishes can be adapted to be vegan, though order in advance for dessert. All their sauces are gluten free and they have gluten free pasta. Italian.   vegangluten free

Deanos – 34a Oxford Street, HG1 1PP, 01423 505300, Have vegan starter and main on menus, do vegan sorbets as dessert. Mediterranean/steak house. Can sanitize utensils with prior notice.   vegangluten free

Filmore and Union – 71 Station Parade, Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG1 1ST, 01423 560988. Slightly on the pricier side, but excellent quality food, a lot of which is organic. Several vegan and gluten free options.   vegangluten freepaw

Farrah’s -29 Montpellier Parade, HG1 2TG (below Palm Court Cafe). Do an array of chocolate that’s vegan by default, but also specifically vegan such as Moo-free. No website.   vegan

Gamburu – 17 Station Parade, HG1 1UF, 01423 565330. Do a vegan protein shake and usually have a small selection of vegan and gluten free cakes, with the emphasis on health as this is attached to a gym. They are updating their menu to provide more vegan savoury options so keep checking.   vegangluten free

Harrogate Brasserie – 26-30 Cheltenham Parade, HG1 1DB, 01423 505041, Need 48 hours notice to prepare vegan food. Traditional. Can sanitize utensils with prior notice.    vegangluten free

Holland and Barratt – 1A James St, Harrogate HG1 1QS. Now have a fridge/freezer with fresh vegan products.

Hotel Chocolat – 35 James St, Harrogate HG1 1QY, 01423 502711.

Various kinds of vegan chocolate    vegan

Hoxton North – 1 Royal Parade, Harrogate, Cakes labelled vegan, choice of 2 or 3. Cafe. Also now a new site, 1 Regent Parade Harrogate – vegan options on the brunch menu!    vegangluten free

Italian Connection – 55 Cold Bath Road, 01423 564160, Starter and main can be vegan, dessert needs 48 hrs. Italian. Can sanitize utensils with prior notice.   vegangluten freepaw (in one part of the room)

Konak Meze Turkish Restaurant – 11-13 Mount Parade, HG1 1BX, 01423 500330. Vegan and gluten free starters and mains on the menu. No vegan dessert at present, however owner is happy for you to bring your own!    vegangluten free

Luigi’s – 1A Valley Dr, Harrogate HG2 0JJ, 01423 560311. These guys are ultra helpful. If you let them know in advance they can get in vegan cheese for the pizza. Will do a stuffed pepper, again with the vegan cheese, for a starter. Italian. Don’t have a website.  vegangluten free

Major Tom’s Social – The Ginnel, HG1 2RB, 01423 566984

Do a mean vegan pizza! INFO@MAJORTOMSSOCIAL.CO.UK

NJ’s (Nutrion Joe’s) – Station Parade, Harrogate, 01423 503857. Attached to a gym this place is all about healthy eating and they offer a full vegan menu, with all day breakfasts and lunches. All their vegan meals can also be made gluten free.

They also have a full range of freshly squeezed juices, vegan smoothies and vegan protein shakes.
Norse (known during the day as Balterzen’s) – 28a Swan Road, Harrogate, HG1 2SA, 01423 313400. Norse offers an entirely vegan set menu, but this needs to be booked in advance. Nordic cuisine.    vegan

Oriental Chef – 67 Grantley Drive, Jennyfield, Harrogate, HG3 2XU, 01423 536868. Have a vegetarian and vegan section on their menu e.g. mock duck. Asian cuisine.  vegan

Palm Court Cafe – 29 Montpellier Parade, HG1 2TG, 01423 566220. Vegan main and usually starter. One of waitress’s relatives is vegan – so she knows what you need! Dessert needs 24 hrs or 48 on weekends but Farrah’s sweet shop below it does lots of vegan chocolate. Traditional tearoom serving food. Can sanitize utensils with prior notice.    vegangluten free

Pizza Express – Salisbury Chambers, 2 Albert Street, HG2 2JG 01423 531041. They do gluten free pizzas and take along your own vegan cheese and they’ll put it on any pizza for you. They do one pizza already that is vegan by default. They don’t do soya milk, but if enough people ask they will probably introduce it.   vegangluten free

Quality Health Foods – 3 Westminster Arcade/Parliament St, Harrogate HG1 2RN. Health food shop selling small selection of vegan and gluten free products.

Salsa Posada – 4 Mayfield Grove, HG1 5HB, 01423 561151, Need 24hrs for vegan dessert. Have gluten intolerant menu. Mexican.    vegangluten free

Scarlett’s Vintage Tearooms (Knaresborough) – 3a Green Dragon Yard, Knaresborough, HG5 8AU, 07749 436131. Have vegan items on the menu, including cupcakes!   vegangluten freepaw

So! Bar and Eats – 36, Otley Road, Harrogate, HG2 0DP. 01423 568834 These guys are used to catering for vegans as it is our local. When ordering the following, be sure to ask for it without the yoghurt dressing, just state that it should be vegan. Usually they put extra hummus on instead. There are several vegan friendly or vegan adaptable items on the menu, but these particularly stand out: the Mediterranean Burrito, Thai Noodle Salad and Super Salad, Super Food Burger, Asian Sharer. Awesome. Gluten free bread buns.   vegangluten freepaw (outside)

Sukothai – 17-19 Cheltenham Parade, HG1 1DD, 01423 500869, Can do vegan starter, main and dessert, but recommend calling beforehand if want to be doubly sure. Thai. Can sanitize utensils with prior notice.   vegangluten free

10, Devonshire Place – HG1 4AA, Harrogate, 01423 202356

Wow, what is there not to like about this place. Great atmosphere, fantastic selection of artisan local beers (we’re waiting to find out which are vegan), strongly independent and in support of Yorkshire! They have pop-up kitchens on Thurs and Fri evenings and Sat and Sun lunch time and evening with vegan options. Thurs: Yorkshire Meatball Company (but let them know you’re coming), Fri: Malaysian food with mock chicken and prawn, Sat and Sun: Jamaican Street Food – 3 bean stew, fried plantain and dumplings, rice and peas. Website under construction so find them on Facebook instead.   vegangluten freepaw

Tilly Peppers – 49 Cold Bath Road, HG2 0LT, 01423 524216

This lovely, ecclectically decorated new cafe is a welcome addition to Harrogate as they are ready to go to out of their way to accommodate. Their food is as local and seasonal as poss and is a mixture of traditional/mediterranean, e.g. paninis, soups, cakes. The soup is ALWAYS vegan (or on rare occasions it’s not, there’s a vegan option). They have some gluten free cakes. They are hoping to try out some vegan cookies and mezzes soon so keep asking. Breastfeeding mums welcome and they’re working on a small changing area. They’re putting up an awning for the outside eating area, where dogs are welcome. Would be happy to cater to a large vegan group with 24hrs notice, including dessert.   vegangluten freepaw (outside)

Timberlakes – 1 Montpellier Mews, HG1 2TQ, 01423 313485, Need 48 hrs for vegan dessert. Traditional. Can sanitize utensils with prior notice. Dog friendly Mondays were being trialled at the time of writing.   veganpaw (Mondays)

Vanilli’s – 125, Cold Bath Road, HG2 0NU, 07714 837281. All homemade. Have two flavours of soy ice cream and vegan sorbets. Ice cream parlour.   vegangluten free

Van Zeller – 8 Montpellier Street, HG1 2TQ  01423 508762. Can do a full vegan menu with 3 days notice. (See post on our home page for their uploaded vegan March menu – need notice to do this). Gourmet dining.    vegangluten free

Wagamama – 13-15 Parliament Street, HG1 2QU, 01423 506313. One or two dishes on the menu that are already vegan and several more than can be veganised. They have an itemised menu for all dietary requirements/food intolerances. In the past, with advanced warning, Wagamama have provided us with vegan ice cream as a dessert, but you would need to arrange this with them over the phone. They also do free green tea!   vegangluten free

William and Victoria – 6 Cold Bath Rd, HG2 0NA, 01423 521510. Can do vegan starter, main and dessert with 24 hrs notice. Vegan main and starter can be ordered on night. Traditional.    vegangluten free

Zizzi -1 Station Parade, HG1 1TB, 01423 530505. Make their own vegan cheese for pizzas! Some items on menu are vegan or can be adapted to be vegan. Have one vegan dessert on menu (chocolate brownie dessert) and some sorbets are vegan. Italian. Can sanitize utensils with prior notice.   vegangluten free